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2012 - Now

My name is Jayne Foley and I am the new NET teacher at Ma Tau Chung. I am from a big town in the UK called Merthyr Tydfil.  I taught English in Wales for several years before deciding that I would like to teach in Asia. I have a degree in English Literature and Sociology, as well as a PGCE and several TEFL certificates. I’ve also worked in Germany, France, Australia and America. I moved to Hong Kong because it is a vibrant city and its students are some of the most diligent in the world.I originally planned to stay in Hong Kong for two years but I love my job and the city so much that I have decided to stay for at least four years.  In fact, I may never leave!



2010 - 2012

I am Amy Stewart and I am the new NET.  I have been in Hong Kong for four years and this is my second NET job at a Hong Kong primary school.  I am from New Zealand and lived in Christchurch in the South Island before moving to Hong Kong.  I was a primary teacher in New Zealand and taught at several small rural schools.  I have a teaching degree and a graduate TESOL qualification both from the University of Canterbury.  I moved to Hong Kong on the recommendation of some friends who were teaching here and I am really enjoying the students’ enthusiasm for learning English. 



 2007 - 2009

Hello, my name is Elsa Wu. I am this year’s NET teacher, and will be working with P1, P5 and P6 students. I come from Toronto, Canada. I was born and raised in Toronto, and completed my undergraduate studies at York University in Toronto. I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior). I am a certified teacher in Canada, and have been teaching there for the past few years before deciding to come to Hong Kong. I have been to Hong Kong once before, for one week. It is a great city! I like traveling a lot, and try to go away whenever I have the opportunity. Hong Kong is a great place to be for traveling in Asia!

I enjoy working with primary students, and I am very happy to be here. I am learning a lot from this experience, and hope to continue to have a great year at Ma Tau Chung (HHB)! This year, I hope to help students improve their oral skills in English, through more practice in speaking English in the classroom. I will be using a series of games and activities to help students gain more confidence when using English. I wish all students a successful school year!





Hello everyone! My name is Miss. Frances and I am the new NET teacher at Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School.

I come from the North of England from a place called the Lake District. It is a very beautiful part of England as there are many lakes and mountains there. Unfortunately it also rains a lot there.

Before I came to Hong Kong I used to teach in Macau at an International Primary School. When I was there I taught P1 and P2 students. The students there were all from Macau but they had to learn everything in English and Putonghua! They were not allowed to speak any Cantonese.

I have always liked Hong Kong so I decided to move here and teach in a Chinese school. I have learnt many new things already and it has been a very different experience for me.

I am currently teaching P5 and P6 but I would like to get to know all of the other students in the school too…..so if you see me around school, don’t forget to say ‘Hello!’ In P5 and P6 I will be helping the students to develop their speaking and listening in English and helping them to prepare for their TSA oral assessment. I have also done some phonics work with the P5’S too.


 Miss. Frances ’s duties



Miss Frances has been appointed as the NET at Ma Tau Chung GPS (Hung Hom Bay) this year. 

During the year Frances will be working with the P5 and P6 Students. She will be focusing on teaching the students how to improve their speaking and listening in English, this will then prepare them well for their TSA assessments and interviews for secondary schools. They will also be better equipped in using English outside of the classroom and in the wider world.

The English teachers are co-planning and co-teaching as we believe that this is a step in the right direction to promote team work.

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