60th Anniversary Poem Writing Competition

日期: 22/06/2021

1 st2 nd3 rd
Lam Alwin
Chung Yuet Long
Lau Lok Yin Ethan
Li Mingbo
Yap Keron Tim Shing
Au Yeung Sze Yan Salina
Cheng Chi Yiu Ryan
Chang Hok Sum
Lai Pak Kiu
Lin Jia Q
Lee Sheung Yu
Lee Wing Tung
4E Lam Alwin

My School
May we continue thriving and growing in the spirit of 'Red Pony',
Today marks the 60 fruitful years of teaching and learning.
Caring and nourishing; guide us through days and months of virtual lessons.
Galloping with rackets and shuttlecock at the Hall, Pacing through spacious
playground and the volleyball court under the big bright sun.
Sharing blissful joy and merry laughter,
Harmony we enjoy in the cozy, colourful reading corner.
Heartfelt gratitude for our principal, teachers and staffs,
Bridging for a future of brightness and success.

5E Chung Yuet Long

My Greatest School- MTCHHB
My heartfelt thanks to MTCHHB.
Teachers are nice and caring.
Classmates are smart and charming.
Good place for us to learn and grow.
Preparing us well for the real world.
Supporting us to face the challenge.
Happy school is full of love.
Happy 60th Anniversary to MTCHHB.
Brightening forever at Hung Hom Bay!

5E Lau Lok Yin Ethan

MTCHHB Birthday
Memories at school are sweet.
Treasure all the teachers’ treat.
Caring for the students’ need.
Helping us to work hard till we done.
Hoping us to learn through fun.
Build up interest for everyone.
Here MTCHHB we can do the best.
By the guidance never rest.
Dear all, let’s celebrate for all the achievements.

4E Li Mingbo

Ma Tau Chung is a wonderful school.
Teachers are nice and cordial.
Classrooms are comfortable and spacious.
Gardens have beautiful blooming flowers.
Pupils are funny and happy.
Search for lots of books in the library.
Here is the best school.
Have fun every day.
By now, do you like the school?
You must want to join it.

4D Yap Keron Tim Shing

A poem for celebrating the 60th anniversity of MTCHHB

My Great School

My dearest school,
Today is your big day,
Come and celebrate!
Gather together,
Pupils, teachers and our dearest principal,
Say it together,
Happy birthday!
Having you by our side –
Best pleasure ever!

4B Au Yeung Sze Yan Salina

My school is terrific.
Teachers are fantastic.
Classmates are energetic.
Happy school day every day.
Having fun in the school day.
Birthday to MTCHHB.

4B Cheng Chi Yiu Ryan

Ma Tau Chung HHB is an excellent school!
Teachers are patient and hard-working.
Classrooms are full of love and happiness.
Girls and boys are clever and kind.
Performance or pupils are great!
Sadness never appears!
Happiness is everywhere!
Here, we love each others.
Brothers and sisters, let’s study together!

4C Chang Hok Sum

MTCHHB is an excellent school.
Teachers are helpful and cool.
Students are hard working and classrooms are full.
Gardens are colorful and sky is blue.
Last year covid-19 keeps us away from school.
I enjoyed playing at home and lessons in Zoom.
But actually I miss all of you.

5D Lai Pak Kiu

MTCHHB is the place where I study, and
The second family to me
Children all study with happy
Hearts, and unite in harmony
Here the teachers teach us to be
Brave, to be kind, to be smart, and to be strong
All the teachers are
Never mad at us even if we do something wrong
Naughty pupils are treated just as good, and
Ignorant ones are taught with kindness
Very boring lessons come alive in our teachers’ hands with
Every lessons filled with care and forgiveness
Running tracks playground, hall, music room…my
School has the best stuff for all
And also good teachers who help you up when you
Run, trip and fall
Yes! My school is my family, and the best one of all.

5A Lin Jia Q

Today is your 60th anniversary.
Today, the blue sky is filled with sunshine.
Today, the beautiful campus is overflowing with
The fragrance of joy.
Today, students from all over the world gather together.
Today, greats from all over the world sent auspicious gifts.
Let us present our wishes together.
I wish MTC majestic beauty and prosperity every day.

5B Lee Sheung Yu

Meet our school.
Teachers are great.
Classmates are friendly.
Greeting with warm gratitude.
Parents are comforted with ease.
Students are blessed with love.
Humble is our attitude forever, and
Happy is our feeling today.
Be here with us on this joyful day.

5D Lee Wing Tung

MTCHHB is the best of all
The most precious memories we’ll recall
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the school
Happiness all around mt school
Happy birthday to MTCHHB
Brilliant and bright future will be